Clive’s Staples is a coffee shop & bakery in downtown Sterling, KS, and Clive’s is inspired by the British author and theologian C. S. Lewis.

Our Inspiration

C. S. Lewis, in full Clive Staples Lewis, was a prolific author, a literary scholar, a Christian apologist, and a great thinker. He is best known for his Chronicles of Narnia series, for his friendship with J. R. R. Tolkien (author of the Lord of the Rings), and for being part of a literary group in Oxford that called themselves the Inklings. We grew up reading the Narnia books as children and we wanted to create a space for the fostering of community, the sharing of laughter and meals, the telling of stories, and for making beautiful things-some of Lewis’s staples.

What We Make

We pride ourselves in serving some of the best coffee in the area. We source our coffee from two of the premier coffee roasters in our region and we have a guest roaster program where we feature different roasters.

We bake all of our pastries, donuts, and bagels in-house and we also serve our sandwiches on our house-made sourdough bread.

Check out our food menu here:

Get In Touch

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To place a call-ahead order or to purchase an eGift-card over the phone call: 620-305-2132

To speak with an owner call: 620-680-1013

If you would like to order cheesecakes, croissants, bread or larger batches of any of our pastries, shoot us a message and we can give you a quote!

Our physical address is:

135 S. Broadway Ave., Sterling, KS 67579

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These are our current hours of operation:

Monday-Saturday: 7am-8pm

Sunday: Closed

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